Sometimes it’s hard to choose what you should buy to use in your hair regimen.

So, we have made a simple list for you. These are must-have tools to have in your arsenal for your natural hair.

You can use all or just a few of them, depending on your preference.

  1. Wide-tooth comb: The comb’s teeth are placed far apart so that the teeth will glide through your curls. Wide-tooth combs make detangling easier since they cause less friction and tangles in your mane. Purchase Here

  2. Fine tooth comb: This is a definite contrast to the wide-tooth comb; however, this comb serves a purpose too. If you want a straight or an even part for your elaborate hairstyles, this is the tool to use. Purchase Here

  3. Detangling Brush: The detangling brush was designed to detangle hair while defining your curls. The brush was created to make natural hair easy to detangle and style. Purchase Here

  4. Perm rods: If you are looking for a way to mask your heat damaged hair or relaxed hair while you are transitioning, then use these. When twisting or braiding your hair apply them to the ends of your hair. Then, when you unravel the rods and the twists your curl pattern will be cohesive and popping.
    Purchase Here

  5. Spray Bottle: Similar to how your body needs water, your hair does too. Hence, you need a spray bottle! The spray bottle allows for easy application of water to your hair so that it can be effectively moisturized and styled. 
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  6. Hair Pins: Another lifesaver among these lists of tools are hairpins. Hairpins will fix any bad hair day or spruce up your hairstyle. They can be used to make great designs in your hair, as well as to tuck away any fly away in your hairstyles such as a bun.
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  1. Satin Bonnet, Pillowcase, Head Tie and Scrunchie: Do not use cotton items in your hair because it will soak up the moisture that you added. Only use bonnets, pillowcases, head ties and scrunchies made of satin. Satin allows you to retain the moisture you added to your hair. Also, it reduces breakage and frizz. Purchase Here

Did you find the list helpful?

Did we miss any?

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